Journey to origin

Gilan presents the “Journey to origin” collection, which consists of designs that combine cultural heritage with rare colored stones and flawless handcraft, and which is a tribute and praise to all civilizations that have lived in these lands. 

Inspired by the historical artifacts that have been torn from their places for various reasons throughout history, the collection offers sustainable and innovative designs with a contemporary and modern approach.

Gilan design director Gökhan Öngör says, “While we were researching and examining these civilizations, we realized that these artifacts, which came along with the civilizations that lived in this geography, and which are a part of this land, were taken abroad and removed from their homeland for various reasons. In this collection, we took Beyhekim altar and Antakya mosaics, which were removed from our lands, as the main source of inspiration.”

Celebrating the 30th year in his career, Gökhan Öngör says; “While we took our inspiration for the collection from Antakya, the queen of the east, the rich repertoire of this mystical city nurtured us. Antakya’s mosaics, religious and mythological subjects and geographical location enlightened our way. We experienced the same situation in Beyhekim. While getting inspired by the Beyhekim altar, we made a colorful journey into the world of Beyhekim."

Born on lands where many cultures are fused, Gilan always continues to grow and develop, inspired by the combination of East and West with the sense of past and the future.


20.12.2022 22:33:00


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