The Rainbow of Gemstones

Gemstones have represented many things for the human kind throughout the history: magic, myths, legends… Each gemstone is unique with a special color, birthplace and story. What they have in common however, is their shared beauty.




Diamonds have been admired objects of desire since ancient times. Formed one hundred miles beneath the Earth’s surface over a billion years ago, diamonds are the hardest gem of all.


Today, diamonds are still admired all around the world. Until the middle of the twentieth century, there was no standard by which diamonds could be evaluated. GIA created the first, and now globally accepted standard for describing diamonds: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. Today, the 4C’s of Diamond Quality are the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world.



Ruby - Sapphire


It is an interesting fact that ruby and sapphire are both gems of the mineral corundum. Both of these gems have the same chemical composition and the same mineral structure. Trace amounts of impurities determine if a gem corundum will be a brilliant red ruby or a beautiful blue sapphire. It is surprising that little “impurities” can produce such wonderful differences!