Arceau Les folies du ciel

The Arceau Les folies du ciel watch is a dreamlike, airy composition from the early days of the conquest of the sky. A tribute to the pioneers who were foolish enough to believe that man could perhaps fly one day…


Created in 1978 by Henri d’Origny, the Arceau watch once again lends itself to the expression of Hermès creativity. The Arceau Les folies du ciel watch combines painting, engraving and animation to create a unique composition, inspired by Loïc Dubigeon’s «Les folies du ciel» silk scarf motif designed in 1984 to honour aerostatics. 


On a mother-of-pearl dial whose textured hue can be seen through the wisps of smoke from the chimneys, two pink and green hot-air balloons billow in the wind. Their kiln-fired canvas takes on a curved relief that creates the illusion of the volume of hot air filling them and enabling them to take flight. The two balloons are attached to a handpainted white gold gondola in the shape of a bird - the original symbol of travel and migration, humankind’s first inspiration for its future flying vessels.


Perched above the tableau at 12 o’clock is a hand-painted and applied animated balloon. Designed as a balance, it spins on its axis in step with wrist movements, expressing the light, unexpected touch typical of Hermès creations. «Hermès Paris» is embossed like a secret signature reserved for each of the 24 travellers for whom this limited series is intended.

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