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“Rixos Hotels represents Turkish hospitality around the world.” Mr. Semih, your career started long years ago in Antalya and continued in many other countries under the roof of Rixos. Could you tell us a bit about your Rixos journey? For me, the Rixos journey is like a journey through time. It started 20 years ago in the year of 2001, but my adventure continues with the same enthusiasm since the first day.   After approximately 10 years in Turkey, I went abroad in 2009 and thus had the opportunity to represent our country and brand with the Rixos hotel opening in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. The experience I gained there proved to be invaluable in the future. Afterwards, during 2012, we opened our first hotel in Egypt, an important Mediterranean country in terms of tourism. As that hotel ranked in the top 7 in the world on the guest satisfaction ratio during its first year, our hotel investments in Egypt gained steam. As Rixos Hotels, we have strong brand awareness in North Africa and Middle East. As our group grew rapidly, I climbed my career steps from Rooms Department Manager to General Manager. I continue my duty with great enthusiasm in Rixos Premium Göcek at Göcek, one of Turkey’s most distinguished and world’s most important destinations in terms of yacht tourism with its location and nature.   For me, Rixos Hotels represents Turkish hospitality around the world.   Rixos Premium Göcek offers its guests much with its different architecture, unique nature and inviting cuisine. What are your priorities to offer this relaxing ambiance?   I can say that Göcek is “Heaven on Earth”. It features Turkey’s most beautiful coves. With its blue sea and eye-catching green nature, it is a special location that lets you feel whole. Rixos Premium Göcek is one of the rare facilities here that is specifically designed without harming the nature that surrounds it. You can feel this special feeling amongst the magnificent blue of 12 islands of Göcek or with your steps on a mountain trek. With my team, we are doing our best to offer their deserved services to our guests who wish to partake in these magnificent experiences. We are like a family with our colleagues and guests. You might be hosting hundreds of guests at the same time but every single one of them expects a special care. They enjoy being hosted by people who provide professional service. We are hosting our guests in the same manner you host a well-loved guest in your home. We pay great importance to our training that begins months before the start of the season in order to protect, maintain and further develop our guest-focused structure while ensuring it is run smoothly. Just like many other sectors, tourism is also undergoing a significant transformation with pandemic. What is the roadmap for Rixos in general and Rixos Göcek in particular? First of all, I wish that the world sets free of this situation and we can return to our old lives. At the start of the pandemic, we as Rixos Hotels reacted quickly in terms of precautions. Having hotels in many destinations around the world increased our experience when it comes to precautions. The most important aspect of Rixos Permium Göcek is that, it is a facility that is almost a part of the nature that surrounds it. Thus, social distancing comes naturally. We took the precautions outlined by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism and related official authorities for our guests and team. We received Safe Tourism Certification following rigorous inspections. Apart from the precautions, we have two priorities when it comes to satisfaction in this period. The first is to provide fast and accurate information to our guests and the second is to be reachable all the time. We are meeting the demands of our guests without any problems by providing service 24/7. We never stopped being reachable via mail or phone and continue to inform our guests about all current developments. Göcek cove is known for its yacht bays and boat tourism. What are the highlights that make accommodation here an attractive option? Situated between two marinas, Rixos Premium Göcek possesses an unparalleled location with a scenery of the blue Aegean Sea and magnificent nature. Here, our guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing holiday under the pine trees, gardens soaked in silence and beaches away from prying eyes. Operating with the all-inclusive concept, Rixos Premium Göcek offers a unique holiday experience with its restaurants and bars, world-class entertainment options, wide array of cuisines, wellness and sports activities. We also bring race lovers every year with Rixos Sailing Cup races. Every day, we organize two trips for our guests to 12 islands of Göcek and ensure that they can experience these magnificent islands with Rixos Premium Göcek privileges while they gain more knowledge about the region. Rixos Göcek hosts an exciting “Sailing Cup” every year, becoming more popular each year. Could you tell us a bit about this event? Five years ago, we invited everyone who had never got the chance, had dared to take the plunge or never even had imagined the excitement of sailing to Rixos Sailing Cup and said, “Let friendship win!” We broke new grounds with a formidable race parkour that was inspired by the "X" of Rixos which was determined after deliberations with Turkish Sailing Federation, Göcek Yacht Club and referee committee. With an attendance beyond our expectations, we both entertained our guests and arranged a competitive but also very fun event for the sailing world that was organized with Rixos perfection. After the first races, we decided to make a tradition out of it and since then it is held every year. After successfully organizing the event for the last five years, we are also planning to host it in 2021 as well.

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