Burabay National Park has officially opened to the public 20 years ago, but it has been infamous for its amazing healing nature for a lot longer than that. The history of recreation in the region is at least 150 years old according to state archives. Records show that people originally came here to rest and recuperate as far back as the late 19th century. Today, Burabay is one of the most popular destinations in Kazakhstan on account of its beautiful clear lakes, pine forests, picturesque peaks and healing mountain air. In summer, tourists stroll through quiet pine woods, and spend evenings on the beach accompanied by the gentle whisper of the waves, gaze at the endless starry sky and, of course, take part in lots of water and land activities. Many visitors, however, find Burabay even more fascinating in winter time when the lakes are covered in ice, the shoreline is frozen, and grass, the roots of the trees, fallen leaves, and pine cones look like fine white lace. During this time, the dense forests turn into a real winter wonderland. 

Auliekol (Borovoe) Lake is well known and recognized for its granite island, Zhumbaktas. In the Kazakh language it means "Mystery Stone". The island is called this because of its shape – depending on where you look at it, the shape may resemble either a young girl or a wrinkled old woman, a young boy or a sphinx. Zhumbaktas is surrounded by legends, and if you ever get to visit, you should


In this area, there are also many rocky peaks available for climbing, such as Okzhetpes, Berkut, and Burabay. In winter time, however, the main attraction of this area is all the various snow related sports. In both the valleys and hills of the region, you will find several world renowned ski slopes. Skis, as well as skates, snowboards, sleds, snowmobiles and ATVs, can all be rented to enjoy this wonderful landscape. On the northern side of Lake Shchuchye, there is the socalled “Lapland” of Kazakhstan with a Santa Claus Village and lots of winter time fun activities. The most popular of these activities is to ride in a sled pulled by huskies or reindeers.

Next to this magical place, on the shore of Lake Shchuchye, which is the deepest lake in Borovoe, lies Rixos Borovoe Hotel, a five-star hotel from the worldwide recognized hotel chain. On the grounds of the hotel, there is Kazakhstan's first year-round wakeboarding park ‘Cable Park Burabay’. Wakeboarding is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing, and is one of the fastest growing sports. The land on which Rixos Borovoe was built includes a luxurious area of greenery and scenery. The destination was designed to exceed vacationers’ expectations, even the most discerning guests. Rixos Borovoe Hotel is in line with the brand’s luxury image in all manners, combining a relaxing stay in the heart of nature with


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