Time, suspended.

The Milanese Atelier launches a new line of home fragrances

Fornasetti Profumi unveils new designs, decorations and fragrances, elements designed to merge and generate an immersive sensory experience. The inspiration for this refreshing move lies in the notion of suspended time: these objects were created to transform each minute into moments of quality.


Three of the most iconic decorations in the Fornasetti universe embellish the profiles of these new creations and are linked to exclusive fragrances designed specifically for Fornasetti Profumi. The choice of a 100% natural wax and the fusion of design, decoration and fragrance ensure that Fornasetti Profumi products provide an unprecedented and sustainable sensory experience.

"It all began on a winter's evening, during a candlelit dinner in the hall of a crumbling Tuscan castle. That evening became the symbol of a newfound atmosphere of conviviality and simplicity that inspired and guided me in these uncertain times. I wanted this to be the message of this new line: an essential and tangible pleasure that lasts over time," explains Barnaba Fornasetti, Artistic Director of the Milanese atelier.

Like all the Atelier's creations, the candles of Fornasetti Profumi are timeless, designed to live multiple lives, and invite those who own them to ignite their imagination and set it free. Whether they are used as lights, fragrances or containers once the wax is consumed, these new creations will fill any space with sophisticated beauty.


3.07.2022 17:22:00


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