"The passage of time"

Man is ephemeral, time is infinite.

Miki Eleta designs and produces his own contemporary timepieces in the tradition of the Swiss Haute horlogerie. Completely handcrafted, each of his complex time piece is a unique work of art produced only one single time.

"The passage of time" features a walking figure, a symbol of modern man, who is always in motion and yet does not reach his ambitions. He has investigated and measured time and space, and yet he remains small in the course of infinity. About every 20 seconds, the figure lifts its left arm and lowers its head to read the time.

In front of the figure, a symbol rotates on a windscreen axis, formed by an X and a S. X stands for Chronos (Greek for time). The letter S forms an 8 due to the rapid rotation, depicting the symbol for infinity.