More than just a boat

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The Plvs Vltra, designed and built by the Dutch shipyard Amels Holland, is an actual floating palace.

According to a Renaissance legend, ancient Pillars of Hercules bore the Latin warning “ne plus ultra” which stands for “separating the known world from the unknown.” The words serve as a warning for sailors but they are also a challenge for those brave and determined enough to go further. Inspired by this quote, Dutch shipyard Amels Holland designed this 75-meter-long dreamlike yacht – a dreamboat, if you will – and named it Plvs Vltra. The clients who purchased the boat came in to their atelier and requested a home they can live in for days while cruising the sea. Thus, Plvs Vltra begun its journey. The interior décor of the yacht has the distinctive touches of London design company Winch Design, which allowed it to transcend from being a mere holiday boat, to a potential permanent residence that can be used any time. As evident from its well-lit interiors, the design team’s goal was to create a spacious modern home by drawing inspiration from the blue and yellow hues that surround the sunny sky. Since they were aiming to design an authentic, cosy home environment, Amels Holland made sure to avoid mounted furniture. So, the furniture inside is mostly from French and Italian brands. Another area was specifically designed using fabrics from Rubelli, Pozzoli, Armani/Casa and Versace. The moire maple floorboards in the rooms have also received special bleaching and colorisation treatments. If you look at boats from the Victorian era, you’ll see that they usually feature hanging chandeliers – often noisy from the chiming of dangling chrystals. In Plvs Vltra, this problem has been combatted by attaching tiny wires to each crystal drops of the lighting fixtures in the main hall and dining room as a noise-preventative measure. Able to house 12 guests as well as 19 crew members, another unique feature of the yacht is the beach club that is located in the middle instead of the lower deck’s stern. It’s a 75-meter long retractible platform which boasts a shower and a ladder to climb back up to the boat after a swim. The centre of this section is comprised of a swirl pool, spa, massage room, and a sauna. Above the jacuzzi, there’s an artwork of gilded porcelain shells by Valéria Nascimento. The stairway next to the main deck allows access to the beach club while also providing children on board the opportunity to spend their day outside. The classic French chairs in the kitchen, 21 different types of marbles to add to the lobby’s glamour, the velvet upholsteries in the main hall, maple wood wallpapers, and a limited edition Parallèle piano of Hilton McConnico in the lounge area are just some of the striking details of the yacht. Reaching a top speed of 16,5 knots, this special yacht can be custom-built again if ordered from Amels Holland.

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