A modern classic: Aero 8

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Recently imported to Turkey by Classical Garage, London Morgan garnered a great deal of attention with its new sports model.

In the world of classic cars, where only a handful of automobiles manage to join, London Morgan has always had a special place. These perfect automobiles possessing English nobility have many features that render them desirable, but their immaculate design certainly takes the cake. Joining technology and traditional production methods, London Morgan designs modern bodies apart from the iconic 3-Wheeler. The most recent ‘Aero 8’ model successfully represents both the modern and classic facets of the brand. Resembling a true classic with its design, Aero 8 offers ergonomic comfort while driving with its cutting-edge tech. Each piece of this new Morgan legend is assembled by hand in different ateliers. Like with other Morgan models, it can be imported to Turkey if ordered - along with their biker goggles, leather jackets and various other whimsical accessories. Manufactured in the Malvern factory of the brand in England, the Aero was first introduced to the classic market back in 2000. The Aero 8 is the 8th generation of the series. With its 4799 cc V8 BMW engine, it produces 372 horsepower and has a 6-speed manual & automatic transmission. Inspired by the classic cars of the 60s, the vehicle allows for a better feel of the road due to its close proximity to the ground. With its control panel, wooden sound system and leather upholstery, the Aero 8 offers a unique driving pleasure without compromising from comfort. Akin to its predecessors, ash wood, aluminum and leather have been chiefly used in its construction. From its concept stages to the production, the craftsmen of Aero 8’s chassis hold a special place in the classical automobile world due to their meticulous work in every step. Bringing aluminum and ash wood together so perfectly demands great experience, thus, the car is subjected to many digital and physical tests. The Aero 8’s production starts at the chassis workshop as merely an engine, then the transmission is installed by hand. In the wood atelier, the traditional production techniques inherited from the Morgan family come into play with ash wood frames which protect the automobile from outer elements. This material is extremely flexible and here, its succesful application depends entirely on the expert craftsman. The sheet metal atelier of the factory also features a number of skilled artisans. These experts are responsible with installing the handmade sheets to the curves of the car. Afterwards, individual pieces adjoin the the sides and produce perfect results; precison laser-cut frontal sheets.

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