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Tomas Saraceno

Aria: ‘Our Connection with the Universe’

With its exhibition taking place between February 22 – July 19 in Florence’s Palazzo Strossi, Tomas Saracceno invites us to “Aria” to question our place in universe by connecting with nonhuman entities such as specks of dusts, bugs and plants. As a researcher in art, nature and social sciences, Saracceno uses spider and its web as a symbol for this soul-searching journey. Emphasizing that all living and nonliving beings are connected just like the spiderweb, artist visualizes the unbreakable bond between smallest creatures such as spiders and giant entities such as planets and stars. He offers the chance to experience the transition from the idea of ‘humans at the center of the universe’ to the idea of ‘humans as a part of the universe’. Located at the start of the exhibition, Thermodynamic Constellation represents the solar balloons that can travel by only using the heat of the sun. Travelling the atmosphere freely with zero emissions, these globes also invites us to redesign our way of communication with our planet. Aria’s final room is reserved for the air, namesake of the exhibition. Artist gives life to the most ignored element by vocalizing it, almost giving air a means to communicate with the visitors. In the middle of the room, pens are attached to flying balloons with strings. Ink of the pens come from Mumbai which suffers from human-caused pollution. Particles which causes air pollution are the main ingredient of the ink itself. As the pens move with the flow of the air, they draw the picture of air pollution on the paper underneath them.  

13.07.2020 00:00:00

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