Aygün Armak,  world-renowned luxury designer and jeweler and winner of international design awards, answered the questions about his new brand, Fussini. Armak, who designs and creates new looks for automobiles as well as motorcycles and helmets, told us about how he created his brand. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who is Aygun Armak?

- I am originally a business person from Turkey. I spent my childhood in the Grand Bazaar- the heart of commerce. And I learned a lot there. Then I settled in America and completed my education here. My main profession is handcraft. For more than 50 years, I have done successful works around the world in jewellery design, where handcraft is the most delicate and important. And now I'm working on introducing a new brand to the world.

You are getting ready to introduce a very extraordinary and remarkable brand. Can you tell us more about it?

I have been a jeweler since I was 7. I have been awarded with the 2nd place in Europe and the 1st place in America in the field of design. Since I work constantly with gold and jewellery, I preserve that delicate craftsmanship in everything I do. Because that's how my mind and hands work. One day an idea came to my mind. I recognized that all vehicles have the same paint in different colors. It was uninteresting and something was missing. When I thought about how I could make the vehicles more attractive, and I came up with the idea of ​​covering them with wood. Then I grew teak tree for 5 years in Colombia. When I came to the production stage, I covered the exterior of the helmets, motorcycles and automobiles with teak wood and decorated them with diamonds and gold. This is an area that requires very special workmanship. We have customers from around the world. Owning a motorcycle, a design vehicle that is both special and remarkable, attracts the curiosity of many.

 What nourishes you in terms of creativity?

-I am a designer. Just making an existing product more attractive is not enough for me. While putting forward a new design, I also do this with artistic concerns. Because now, mass production has reduced the value given to handcraft. I always design products where handcraft shows itself. Applying the designs that I created inspired by the exquisite beauty of traditional jewelry to large vehicles is a very unusual field. It's both insane and extraordinary. As you will appreciate, it is not easy to do such handwork on heavy parts such as vehicles and motorcycles. You cannot use a machine for that purpose. Because a machine cannot bend a tree. It cannot find the right place. It cannot adjust the lines. Every product we make with artistic concern will be at the forefront. And the priority for me, the point of creativity that I am inspired by, is to always give importance to the aesthetic beauty of every product I touch.

You have taken the first step of the Fussini brand. You have revealed the first products of successful designs. What's your next move?

-I’m a determined person. If I have something in my mind, if I have an idea that I believe in, I will definitely go after it. I don't listen to anyone. I don’t mind any negative opinion. If I really believe in that idea, I will try to do my best. Fussini is a brand that I believe in. In a very short while, it will become a brand that everyone knows. I don't have the slightest doubt about that. Because I'm not doing this just for the money. My priority is to go after what I believe in. Because when you do your best, money will follow you anyway. I work for the success of my brand. Not for making money. Leave a good name behind means success to me.

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