Dreamboule - High Jewelry Meets Magic

For the very first time in the jewelry scene, Dreamboule stands as the ingenious synthesis between watchmaking and high-jewelry. 4 intense years of research and development have been required to bring the vision to technical perfection. As a result of this hardwork, Dreamboule presents precious, opulent and stunning rings enriched by the experience and precision of a watchmaker. Each and every ring has it’s own theme and the setting is put into a sapphire crystal cabochon. This sapphire crystal glass magnifies, highlights and protects the dream scenery and the precious stones. It is scratch-proof, highly resistant and anti-reflective. Inside the cabochon there is the Dream Solution, a magical liquid formula which is developed after 4 years of research. This secret formula has a special density to create the slow flow of dreams, emotions and memories. Dream Solution has the power to preserve and protect the precious scenery and gemstones from the wear and tear of time. As the base of each scenery, a precious stone base is selected and crafted. The scenery is imagined and designed at Atelier Dreamboule in Milan. Then, all elements are crafted in artisanal laboratories in Valenza, the Italian goldsmith area famous for the exquisite craftmansship in high-jewelry creations.

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