Children Find Joy in the Bathroom with Geberit Bambini

We talked with Geberit Turkey Product Manager Nazan Şeremet about Geberit`s fun and functional Bambini series which is designed for children.

  • Distinguishing itself with its innovative product range and functional designs, Geberit also offers a series of colorful and joyful designs aimed for children recently. What are the intended usage areas with the design of this product group?At Geberit, we are closely following the trends in the sector and develop solutions for users of every age group. With this in mind, Geberit Bambini series with products designed for children such as washbasins, baby and play bathtubs, faucets and toilets serve the imagination of children in areas such as kindergartens, daycares and hospitals.
  • Which details were prioritized when starting the journey for Bambini series?It is especially important for us that children have a fun time in bathrooms. Thus, when we were developing the Bambini series, we started with the understanding that we have to turn children’s bathroom education into a fun activity. The kid friendly Bambini series offers a fun bathroom cleaning and play area with its colorful products.Specially designed washbasins turn brushing teeth which can be seen as a tiresome effort for children into a fun activity. The upper washbasin can be completely filled with water thanks to a removable damming plate. The position of the washing area, which is set at a short distance from the wall, offers an easy access for children, allowing them to spend an enjoyable time. With their children friendly height and design language, Bambini toilets also help with potty training. Bambini children’s play bathtubs are also favored greatly thanks to their antibacterial features. Produced from solid material, these bathtubs garner attention thanks to their their resistance to impacts and scratching along with their easy repairability and ability to be used on counters.
  • How flexible is the collection when it comes to meeting the needs of children in different age groups?As Geberit wash spaces are adjustable to various spatial circumstances and needs of children at different heights, they can also be used as areas for activities or play. Designed for the ability to meet the needs of different age groups, toilets with feet offer an ideal solution for children if their feet are unable to reach the ground at a sitting position. The series also contains toilets at low height aimed for babies. As for the baby washing and play bathtubs, they are able to meet the needs of different age groups with their 40-liter or 80-liter models.
  • It appears that there are several fun details that can grab the attention of a child, could you tell us a bit about them?
The main color choices for the Bambini series increase the attention of children. With their design inspired by cartoons, the handles of the faucets resemble a baseball cap. Floor mounted toilets’ stands look like two lion's paws while the seat lid looks like a frog. The handholds at the side of the lids also complete the frog look. On top of their fun look each feature is easy to use.

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